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Integrated Professional Training Centre

Professional training, marking the life of the building since the mid-20th century, is still present in the new city of culture by means of the Integrated Professional Training Centre (CIFP), a reference for professional families in the Mechanical Manufactures and Wood and Furniture.

After the refurbishments works carried out, the CIFP occupies a surface area of over 22,000 m2, providing its services to students from the professional families of Administration and Finance, Physical and Sports Activities, Commerce and Marketing, IT, Maintenance and Services for the Production and Chemical Industry, apart from those already mentioned.

Three Professional Training subsystems are taught in the centre: regulated, occupational and continuous.

Over 1,000 pupils study every year in the CIFP, in this way continuing with the excellent Professional Training tradition of La Laboral.



Convocatoria Programa Residencias enero-junio 2023

Hasta el 9 de diciembre de 2022, a las 12:00 horas

Convocatoria Programa de Residencias para periodo de enero a junio de 2023

Domingo 4 de diciembre de 2022, 19:00 horas

Paraninfo de la Laboral

La isla de Bergman

Viernes 9 de diciembre de 2022, 19:00 horas

Paraninfo de la Laboral

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