Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura


Exposición AlNorte. XX Semana de Arte Contemporáneo de Asturias
Del jueves 30 de septiembre al domingo 14 de noviembre

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Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura


La Laboral makes several visiting possibilities available to organised groups, reserving in advance being necessary in all cases.


Guided Visit

Walk throughout La Laboral, including the Corinthian Patio, stopping at the Square, Thetre, Paintings Hall, Old Kitchens and LABoral Art Centre. The Old Kitchens are not accessible. Due to daily equipping activity, the timetable to visit one space or another will occasionally be limited.

Frequency: according to the season. Check.

Participants: Minimum 11/maximum 50 persons per group. In the case of teaching centres or groups made up by minors the attendance of the group tutor(s) will be compulsory. 

Visit duration: Approximately 60-75 minutes. 


Other Possibilities

  • Trip throughout the historical building and visit to the Atlantic Botanical Garden: from Wednesdays to Fridays.


Accessible visits

The accessible guided tours are intended to take our culture offer closer to the specific needs of our visitors so they can enjoy the experience in the company of friends and family. The Old Kitchens are not accessible.

  • Adapted visits for individuals with intellectual disability. The group will have the opportunity to discover this exceptional complex through a visit adapted to their needs.
  • Visit with audio description. An expert in audio description will accompany blind or partially sighted visitors and their companions around the Centre.
  • Visit with Spanish sign language interpreter. Individuals with hearing impairments and their companions can enjoy this adapted visit together. Our interpreter will guide them and explore the potential of the exhibition and all its details.
  • Visits for the elderly with special needs. Especially designed for the elderly who wish to enjoy this unique space at their leisure, at their own pace… in clear and adequate language, without missing the slightest detail.

Price: 4.50 €/participant.

Length: 60-75 minutes.

Participants: minimum 11 and maximum 50 individuals per group. Group leaders/companions must accompany the group. 



Del jueves 30 de septiembre al domingo 14 de noviembre

Exposición AlNorte. XX Semana de Arte Contemporáneo de Asturias

Del 21 al 24 de octubre de 2021

Paraninfo de la Laboral

FantasticGijón 2021

Sábado 23 de octubre de 2021, 12:00 horas

Punto de encuentro: consultar cartelería situada en el Patio Corintio

Vamos a imaginar! Familias diversas y divertidas


Zig Zag Danza pone en escena la obra Cita en el marco, este domingo en la Caja Escénica del Teatro de la Laboral

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Información de eventos cancelados o aplazados

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Los burgaleses Fetén Fetén y el dúo francés Isaac & Nora se unen para homenajear a la música popular este viernes en el Teatro de la Laboral

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