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Painting Hall

The most striking hall in the entire complex. The frescoes by Enrique Segura stand out – the inspiration of which is to be found in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – in which he represents the Allegory of the Founding of La Laboral, the Struggle between Good and Evil, not to mention the portrayal of the war’s Vanquished and Victors.

Its enormous balcony opens out onto the main square and affords a magnificent view of the whole complex: the tower, the church and the theatre.

Its surface area of 230 sq. m is further complemented by a 219 sq m hall, which can serve as an auxiliary space for welcoming your guests to the functions.

This room is especially suited to the holding of gala dinners, cocktail receptions and banquets, presentations, opening speeches and conferences among other uses.


General characteristics

  • 230 sq. m.
  • Theatre: seats 180.
  • Cocktail: seats 200.
  • Banquet: seats 100.
  • 219 sq. m foyer.
  • Ideal for the holding of gala dinners, cocktail parties, banquets, among other events. Possible to equipe with stage and technical devises for meetings and presentations.


More information and reservations:

Should you require any aid, additional information or need to make a reservation, please contact our customer service at:

902 306 600/ 985 185 860

Mejor Espacio ORO


Del jueves 30 de septiembre al domingo 14 de noviembre

Exposición AlNorte. XX Semana de Arte Contemporáneo de Asturias

Del 21 al 24 de octubre de 2021

Paraninfo de la Laboral

FantasticGijón 2021

Cita en el marco

Domingo 24 de octubre de 2021, 17:30 horas

Caja Escénica del Teatro de la Laboral

Vamos a la danza! Cita en el marco de Zig Zag Danza


El cine documental protagoniza la programación de otoño de Laboral Cinemateca

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Zig Zag Danza pone en escena la obra Cita en el marco, este domingo en la Caja Escénica del Teatro de la Laboral

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Información de eventos cancelados o aplazados

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