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Assembly hall

Natural access to the Assembly Hall is through the La Laboral Café by way of a beautiful elliptical, spiral staircase that leads directly onto the upper circle.

Worthy of special mention is its avant-garde architecture in the form of a ship’s prow, the work of the architects Manuel López Mateos and Maria Juana Hontañón. All the refurbishment work has further expanded the possibilities of using this space as a perfect venue for conferences, meetings, presentations, exhibitions and press conferences.

Boasting a floor space of some 222 sq. m, it can seat 155 people, while its 30 sq. m foyer serves as an excellent complementary area.

It has simultaneous interpretation booths; and is further equipped with lighting, a screen, projector and video, as well as a DVD player. Table and wireless microphones complete the room’s technical facilities.

Just in front we have the assembly hall room, an ideal venue for technical conferences, seminars and other encounters. Its 100 sq. surface area is further complemented by its 30 sq. m foyer, which it shares with the assembly hall. It can seat some 65 people when used as a theatre and about 50 when availed of as a school.


Assembly hall

  • 222 sq. m.
  • Seats: 150.
  • 30 sq. m foyer.
  • Equipped with simultaneous interpretation booth.
  • Access is to be had from the La Laboral Café’s spiral staircase.


Assembly hall room

  • 100 sq. m.
  • Theatre: seats: 65.
  • Classroom: seats: 50.
  • 30 sq. m foyer.
  • Access is to be had from the La Laboral Café’s spiral staircase.


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