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Exposición AlNorte. XX Semana de Arte Contemporáneo de Asturias
Del jueves 30 de septiembre al domingo 14 de noviembre

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Servicios adicionales congresos Laboral Ciudad Cultura


La Laboral has everything you need.

The human team behind the conferences department at Laboral Culture City will help you out in the process of organizing your event or coordinate with whichever company in charge of managing it. Our extensive contact list will be at your disposal to get in touch with suppliers and providers of any services you may need.

We are incorporating a whole range of new services that are helping to strengthen the technical and audiovisual requirements of the new normal which advocate hybrid environments, meetings with virtual components and even use of multiple interconnected spaces with smaller capacities: We are implementing streaming, production and video recording services etc.

Download Technical Services adapted to the new normal


Below you will find a list of the human and technical resources available within the Laboral Culture City structure as well as those services you can outsource within the area.


Resources available at Laboral Culture City:

  • Stage, light and audiovisual technicians
  • Public announcement systems, microphones, translating booths, projectors, screens, plasmas of up to 80’ and laptops
  • Press room and cloakroom
  • Ushers


Resources from other suppliers and providers:

  • Stage, light and audiovisual technicians together as well as any other technical item you may need
  • Ushers
  • Decoration, furniture and other stands
  • Merchandising
  • Tourism information about the city/region
  • Food and beverage services
  • Photography and/or video recording
  • Translation and interpreting personnel


Besides, Laboral Culture City offers you a wide range of cultural and leisure activities so that participants in your event can be entertained:

  • Guided tours to the building 
  • Tours (with or without guide) to LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre
  • Artistic program
  • Tours to the Botanical Gardens
  • Temporary exhibitions, late-evening guided tours, music shows and concerts (depending on the season)


More information and reservations:

Should you require any aid, additional information or need to make a reservation, please contact our customer service at:

902 306 600/ 985 185 860

Mejor Espacio ORO


Del jueves 30 de septiembre al domingo 14 de noviembre

Exposición AlNorte. XX Semana de Arte Contemporáneo de Asturias

Del 21 al 24 de octubre de 2021

Paraninfo de la Laboral

FantasticGijón 2021

Sábado 23 de octubre de 2021, 12:00 horas

Punto de encuentro: consultar cartelería situada en el Patio Corintio

Vamos a imaginar! Familias diversas y divertidas


Zig Zag Danza pone en escena la obra Cita en el marco, este domingo en la Caja Escénica del Teatro de la Laboral

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Información de eventos cancelados o aplazados

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Los burgaleses Fetén Fetén y el dúo francés Isaac & Nora se unen para homenajear a la música popular este viernes en el Teatro de la Laboral

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