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The Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura has adapted its facilities and services to help minimize the risks of COVID-19 virus infection. It has therefore taken account of the various instructions and recommendations issued by Spain’s Ministry of Health and the Institute of Tourism Quality. The latter has put together a specific guide for Museums and Cultural Sites, as well as Tourist Guides, in response to a request from the Secretary of State for Tourism, which various social players, experts and cultural associations have collaborated in.

Our prevention, protection and control recommendations are based on the current scenario during the transition stages and with the latest available information. Our protocols are under constant review based on the development of, and available new information on, the spread of infections by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19).


Before you visit Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

  • The guided tour includes the following sites: Square, Gardens, Theatre, Paintings Hall, Old Kitchens and LABoral Art Centre (the days the LABoral Art Centre opens). Visit duration: Approximately 60-75 minutes. The Old Kitchens are not accessible. The tour and the spaces to be visited may be changed by the organisation due to artistic and congressional activities in the enclosure.
  • Guided tour rates: 4.50 euros; free for children up to the age of 3. Joint admission to the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura and Atlantic Botanical Gardens: 5.50 euros.
  • Masks must be worn in the visit.
  • Our guided tours will be reduced in capacity in accordance with the current regulations and recommendations. Tours may be made by individuals, families or groups (the latter having between a minimum of 11 and maximum of 14 people), at the available times.
  • A digital file of the handbook (available in SpanishAsturianEnglishFrench and German) a brochure entitled the "Essential visits in Asturias” are available to the public. Note that the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura has online contents. Check out our website and social networks.
  • Guided tours for individuals will be given from 1st to 6th January, Mondays to Sundays, at 12 noon and 5.30 pm. (there will be no visiting service on 1st, 5th afternoon and 6th Janury). From 7th January to 30th May, Fridays at 5.30 pm. and weekends, 15th and 16th February and 1st to 4th April, at 12 noon and 5.30 pm. Please be punctual as it is essential to arrive within the chosen time.
  • Individuals are advised to purchase their tickets online from the following link:

Buy tickets online for guided tours of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

  • Tickets can also be purchased in person from the front desk during their opening hours
  • Tours for groups are available Mondays to Sundays, at 10.30 am and at 4 pm, and it will be essential for groups to make their bookings at least 48 hours in advance by calling 985 185 860 or emailing to, available Mondays to Fridays, from 10 am to 2 pm. Group tours on a Monday will have to be booked before 2 pm on the previous Friday, at the latest. 


On the day of your visit

  • Come to the meeting point, located and signposted on the Plaza and show your ticket to the guide (hardcopy ticket or hometicket).
  • Maintain your social distancing (between family or household unit) at all times.
  • Masks must be worn during guided tours.
  • Inside the grounds keep preferably to the right, following the guide′s instructions at all times.
  • Pay attention to the instructions and recommendations listed on the information board.
  • Please do not touch any of the surfaces.
  • Only one person at a time may use the museum′s toilets or lifts, except where assistance may be required. Your guide will tell you which toilets you can use.
  • Follow the hygiene and sanitation recommendations when using the toilets.
  • Call our assistants for any questions or queries. We′re here to help.


Hygiene and sanitation measures reminder

  • Clean your hands frequently (washing them with soap and water or alcohol solutions).
  • Maintain your social distancing.
  • Masks must be worn during guided tours.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues or elbow flexed when you cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, as your hands may be carrying the virus.
  • If you experience any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle ache or headache), call 984 400 100 – 900 878 232 or 112.


Our website provides fuller information on the grounds and its spaces and uses in the Ciudad de la Cultura.

Further information:

If you need further assistance or information, please contact our Customer Service Centre (Mondays to Sundays, from 10 am to 3 pm):



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